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In 1992, Linda and Nej embarked on the journey of establishing a child-minding business within the confines of their own home. The inception of this venture arose from their quest for childcare providers who could uphold the high standards of care they sought for their own children, Deniz and Shanel.


Initially, Linda began caring for the children of friends, family, and neighbours, and through word of mouth, the child-minding business flourished, eventually evolving into Rainbow Hill House Nursery.

As the nursery prospered, Linda and Nej decided to enhance the Nursery's scope by relocating to a larger facility in 2016. Since this transition, the nursery has consistently thrived and progressed. Within our nursery we now have 4 dedicated rooms as well as a very unique soft play area. See inside our setting here!

Throughout its growth, the nursery has remained family-run. Despite Deniz and Shanel’s commitments in the music industry, Deniz actively contributes behind the scenes at the nursery, collaborating with Faye (our Senior Manager and Deniz’s wife) to ensure the seamless operation of all aspects. Shanel also frequently lends a hand at the nursery.



We welcome children aged 3 months and above, providing them with a vibrant learning environment that fosters their holistic development and sets the stage for an optimal start in life. Our commitment to cultivating confidence, self-esteem, and independence begins right from the settling-in period, facilitated by our effective key-person system. During this initial phase, your child is likely to form a strong, secure attachment with a specific practitioner, whom we will then assign as their key person.


Recognising the significance of children's perspectives, we place considerable emphasis on tailoring our approach to each child's interests when planning and observing their development. Our thematic planning incorporates the children's interests, cultural celebrations, and more, ensuring each day at the nursery is filled with diverse, stimulating, and engaging activities.


Outdoors and experiential learning are central to our philosophy, and we actively explore the world around us and our local community. Regular trips to places like the library, park, garden centre, local farms, museums, and woods enrich the children's experiences. For more distant excursions, such as museum visits, we utilise public transport, broadening the scope of their learning adventures.


At Rainbow Hill House Nursery, we extend beyond the EYFS curriculum by following our own curriculum and providing a range of rotating extra-curricular activities. Examples of these activities include Spanish lessons, Baby Ballet, Children’s Yoga, Baking, Mindfulness, Interactive Story & Drama Sessions, and visits from specialized companies such as ‘Wild Fangs’ who introduce children to various animals like small mammals and reptiles.


In our commitment to community engagement, we regularly welcome local services such as the police, ambulance service, and dentists to the nursery. These professionals share their expertise with the children. Furthermore, our Pre-School children partake in weekly visits to a local elderly residential home, fostering intergenerational connections.


We take pride in our participation in the 'TFL Stars' accreditation scheme. This initiative aims to encourage children and parents to reconsider their approach to travel, emphasising its impact on health, well-being, and the environment.




We are deeply committed to collaborating closely with parents and carers to assist each child individually. To foster a robust relationship and maintain consistent communication with you, we implement the following measures:


Our Monthly Newsletter: Every month, we distribute a newsletter containing updates, news, upcoming events, advice on specific topics, highlights from the previous month, community activities, and more.

Our Parent App, Blossom: All parents can access the secure, password-protected app called 'Blossom.' This platform allows you to view your child's daily activities, such as sleep duration and meals. You can also communicate with your child's key person or room leader, add home observations, review golden moments and next steps, and view your child's most recent report.

Handovers: While the app provides daily updates, we emphasise the importance of face-to-face interaction during morning drop-offs and evening pick-ups. Please bring your child into the nursery room in the morning and pick them up from their room at the end of the day for a brief in-person catch-up about your child's well-being.

Parents Evenings: Twice a year, we organise parent evenings where we request all parents to attend a 20-minute appointment with their child's key person. These adult-only meetings, without children present, allow us to focus on discussing your child's development, addressing concerns, and answering any questions you may have.

Transition Meetings: When your child transitions to a new room or begins school, we conduct a transition meeting with their key person, a staff member from the next room, management, and parents or caregivers. This meeting aims to discuss your child's development, preferences, daily routine, and ensures a seamless transition with effective information transfer.

2-Year Review Meetings: Scheduled around 30 months, the 2-year review meetings involve your child's key person and a member of management. During these meetings, we comprehensively discuss your child's development across all 7 areas of learning and establish next steps for their development.

Feedback: Your feedback is invaluable to us for reflection and continuous improvement. We provide feedback slips and boxes at the nursery entrance and No3 entrance (buggy park). Additionally, we encourage regular feedback through questionnaires to maintain high standards.


Although we follow the EYFS to the highest standard, we have also improved and developed our own unique curriculum to ensure each individual child is able to experience and gain the best possible opportunities, preparing them for life in the modern world.  We offer extra curricular activities such as Languages, Sign Language, Mindfulness, Environmentalism, Cookery, Interactive Drama (to name just a few). Please click here to find out more. 



We are based in Bounds Green (N11 2UT) which is an ideal location due to our excellent links to public transport. We are extremely close to Bounds Green Tube Station (Piccadilly Line) and New Southgate National Rail Station. 


We are also within excellent distance to Muswell Hill, Arnos Grove, New Southgate and Friern Barnet.  The nursery is also within walking distance to various primary schools, including Bowes Park and Bounds Green Primary School.


After seeing the screening of the 'Jade Goody 10 years on' documentary, we were upset and shocked to read that the number of women attending their smear test has fallen to a 20 year low this year. We feel strongly about continuing Jade Goody's legacy by encouraging mothers to attend their smear tests because children need their mothers! To do this, we are offering one hour FREE CHILDCARE for all children in our community when their mothers need to attend a smear test appointment, (even if your child is not registered with us). This is to encourage mothers to attend their smear test when they would otherwise miss it due to lack of childcare.


We put great emphasis on the outdoors, learning about the world around us and our local community by taking the children on regular trips to a number of places such as the library, park, garden centre, local farms and woods using public transport.

We also regularly invite local community services, such as the police, ambulance service, dentists to visit the nursery and talk to the children about various subjects.


We are proud to be part of the ‘TFL Stars’ which is an accreditation scheme to encourage and inspire children and their parents to think differently about travel and its impact on their health, well-being and the environment. We have recently achieved the gold award!

We offer various extra curricular activities for all age groups.

Find out more here. 

We are proud to offer delicious, freshly prepared, home-cooked meals. Take a look at our seasonal menu here!

Click here to take a look inside our 'home from home' setting!

Our last Ofsted inspection was in November 2023 when we proudly received another ‘Good’ grading. Please see the Ofsted website for our full report. This report truly highlights the incredible dedication and passion of our staff, the wonderful children, and the fantastic support from parents. 
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