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Please click below to see our current fee schedule! 


The fee covers all snacks, meals, and extra-curricular activities. Nevertheless, we kindly request parents and carers to provide nappies, formula milk, nappy creams, and sun lotions.

Parent/child sickness days are to be paid for, as well as any holidays where the child is absent. 


We require payment one month in advance via bank transfer, the tax free childcare scheme or childcare vouchers.


To secure your child's spot, we request an initial deposit of £400, along with a £75 registration fee. The deposit is held throughout your child's time at the nursery and is refunded upon departure, minus any outstanding fees if applicable. However, if you decide to cancel before the contracted start date or within 4 months of the start date, the deposit becomes non-refundable. The registration fee is non-refundable.


We accept 15 hours of funding for working families with 2 year olds. Additionally, we accept 15 and 30 hours funded childcare for 3 and 4-year-olds. Starting in September 2024, we will also accept 15 hours of funded childcare for working families with children as young as 9 months old.


With either the 15 or 30 hours funding, the government only fund childcare during term time (38 weeks of the year), and as we are a full time nursery (open 51 weeks of the year), parents and carers would need to cover our daily fee of £97.00 during holiday periods. Therefore, to make finances a little easier for parents (and to avoid having larger invoices during holiday months), we average out the funded hours over the year.


The government do not fund for any meals or refreshments under their 15/30 hours childcare funded scheme, and therefore, we need to charge for this separately. Our charge of £22.00 per day covers the costs of providing and preparing breakfast, two hot meals, refreshments and snacks throughout the day, as well as having a professional cook on the premises on a full time basis. This amount is already included in the relevant monthly fee in our current fee schedule. 

Please note, we review our fees on the 1st September annually. The fee's above are correct from 1st September 2024- 31st August 2025.
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