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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela





We encourage the children to socialise and familiarise themselves with their environment to build their self esteem and confidence.

All of our rooms are filled with educational, fun and exciting resources for the children and we ensure all of our staff members are trained to a high standard to ensure quality teaching is provided on a daily basis. 



The Jessie room is where we care for the babies from 3 months to approximately 12 months old. The babies enjoy the spacious, warm and calming atmosphere with loving staff who are passionate about meeting the needs of each individual child. Our babies are provided with many different activities during the day and the staff support their learning by focusing and planning activities based around the three Prime Areas within the EYFS. 


These are:


1) Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

2) Communication and Language

3) Physical Development.



The Buzz Room is allocated to our First Steps children (approximately 12 months to 24 months) who

are able to explore the slightly larger room. As the children first begin to walk, it is important they have

opportunity and room to explore. We follow the concept of free flow play, although there are a range of planned

activities which are carried out throughout the day. 


The room gives the children opportunity to begin the next steps of their learning journey with support from members of staff, as well as the children's key person. During the majority of the day, the room is used as one large room. However, the room can also be split into two smaller rooms for when the children need to have a sleep. 



The Woody Room is where our Toddlers are based. This is for children aged between 24 months to approximately 36 months. The children are able to explore the 7 areas of learning within this room as it is divided accordingly. 


The children are encouraged to discover, and explore their own interests. Practitioners will use the children's interests to plan and prepare various activities and opportunities to enable the children to continue their learning. In the Toddler Room, the children are encouraged to also learn and practice independence skills, such as, washing their hands and beginning to use the potty.




The Max Room is on the First Floor in our nursery, and is slightly more structured than the other rooms.

This room was created to ensure that the environment is a perfect balance between a 'home from home'

nursery environment, and a reception class. The reason behind this is to ensure the children experience

a smooth transition when moving to school.


In this room, we still ensure a 'free flow' way of learning is

being practiced and the children have the freedom and choice to discover all areas and resources within

the room. Educational activities are planned to give the children opportunity to reach their full potential.

In the Max Room, we encourage children to complete tasks independently in preparation for school. 

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We are lucky to be one of the only nurseries in the country with our own soft play area!

Our Soft Play area is used by all age groups within the nursery.

The children use this soft play area particularly when the weather is either too hot or too cold outside. 


The different resources in this area enables the children to develop all areas of learning, not just physical development. For example, using the shape blocks is great for mathematical development, climbing is great for problem solving etc. 

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