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Yes, we offer 15 and 30 hours funded childcare for eligible families with children from 9 months+ (please check gov website to find out if you are eligible!).  Please note that these places are limited and subject to availability.

Do you accept the government funding scheme?

What happens if I have an emergency and need a friend or relative to collect my child?

We ask that any person authorised to collect your child is named on contract and is introduced to us face to face during the settling in period. If this is not possible, then a password will need to be set up by parents/carers and the person collecting will need to bring valid photographic identification.

My child does not speak any English, will this be a problem?

No this is not a problem at all. We have a huge variety of nationalities amongst the children and staff which means various languages are spoken. We have many children who start the nursery with little or no English but tend to pick it up quickly as they are surrounded by other English speaking children and staff. We also ensure children with English as an additional language are supported in various ways such as using visual signs, flashcards etc.

Do you cater for half days?

No, to ensure the day runs as smooth as possible, we only offer full day spaces (8:00am – 6:00pm). However, if you would like to drop off your child a little later or collect them earlier, that would not be a problem.  

What happens if I am late collecting my child?

If you are delayed collecting your child, please let us know you are going to be late as soon as possible. Two members of staff will stay with your child at the nursery until an authorised person arrives to collect your child. You will be charged £1 for every minute that you are late picking up your child/children. This will be added onto your next invoice.

Are the staff available for babysitting?

No, unfortunately we do not allow staff to babysit for parents and carers.

Yes. As standard practice, fees are applicable throughout the year regardless of absences as we must still cover the expenses of the running of the nursery.

My child is going to be absent as we are going on holiday – do we still have to pay?

If I would like to reduce or increase my child’s contracted days – is there a notice period?

Yes, we just require one full calendar month (starting from the 1st of the following month) written notice period to amend or end the contract.

How many weeks per year is the nursery open?

The nursery is open 51 weeks of the year. We close the nursery for a week during the Christmas Period, as well as Bank Holidays.

Can my child attend nursery for an extra adhoc day if I require it?

We are able to take children for the extra day if we have availability . Parents can request this through our online platform, Blossom. If approved, this will be charged at the rate of £102.00 per day.

My child has a special educational need, will you be able to support them?

Depending on the extent of your child’s need, we make reasonable adjustments to ensure all children are included and have the same opportunity to reach their full potential with the support they require. We have lots of experience with children who have various forms of Autism, speech and language difficulties, hypermobility disorder etc. Our Senior Manager is a fully trained Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator who works closely with the Early Years Special Educational Needs Department in Haringey Council.

 I would like both of my children to attend. Would there be any discount?

Yes. We offer a £5 discount per day, which is allocated to the oldest sibling.

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