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A Policy is a written statement about how we intend to work in relation to a particular aspect of childcare. It describes the standards we aim to meet and the principles or methods we base our practise on. It may refer to legal requirements.


For Example:


All children and adults are treated with equal concern and are made to feel welcome in our nursery. We aim to offer a quality childcare service for parents and children. 


By providing a happy and safe environment the children in our care will be encouraged to develop social skills to help them be accepted and welcome in society as they grow up.


We endorse positive discipline as a more effective way of setting boundaries for children.


Our policies give each child the best possible start in life and support to fulfill their potential and to help young children achieve the five Every Child Matters outcomes of staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution, achieving economic well-being.


These include many policies including health & safety, behaviour, food & drink, equal opportunities, other cultures, special needs, medication, nappy changing, accidents, visits and outings, etc.

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