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'What a child can do in co-operation today, he can do alone tomorrow'

                                                                                 -Lev Vygotsky


At Rainbow Hill House Nursery, we believe extra curricular activities are extremely important in early childhood development. They give children the opportunity to explore interests, build new life-skills and develop confidence which is why are proud to work with external companies to offer  lots of extra curricular activities for our children at no extra cost! 


Wild Fangs is an educational animal encounters company who specialise in delivering interactive, educational and entertaining encounters on the natural world using live animals. Wild Fangs' key philosophy is ‘education through engagement’ and they believe that children learn better through first-hand experiences. The visit our nursery every month and deliver sessions which activate prior knowledge, promote excitement through discovery and expose new information.

Debutots hold drama sessions with children of all ages (6 months upwards) at our nursery every month. Each session is based on a new and exciting interactive story that’s unique to Debutots. For the little ones they make the story quite short, using lots of actions and fewer words, along with songs, themed movement to music, a finger puppet from the story, bubbles and the parachute. With the over 2 year olds, they also act the story out together, becoming the characters and turning the room into the scenery.



Exotic Animals

Drama & Interactive Stories

Dance & Performing Arts

At Rainbow Hill House, we strongly believe all children should have the opportunity to participate in activities which encourages and supports them to express themselves. This is why Shanel, who is a fully qualified dance and performing arts teacher, visits the nursery every week to hold dance classes for children of all ages. Shanel really enjoys encouraging children to be creative through the art of dance.



There are various mutual benefits for people at either end of the spectrum when children visit a residential home; the children are able to learn about the normal aging process, talk and share stories with an individual whom they create a special bond with, accept people with disabilities, it helps children reduce their fear of older adults, learn valuable life lessons as well as give and receive unconditional, unbounded love and attention. The elderly seem to develop a new lease of life, have more energy and feel a huge sense of joy. This is why we take a group of children to our local care home each week.

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